2016 Holiday Party

2016 Honorees:

Employee of the Year: Cynthia Brantley

Best Team Player: Letetia Byrd

Gumby (for being flexible and finding a way): Donny McMahon

Git ‘er Done: Donny McMahon

Single File Award (for keeping everyone in line): Janet Frailey

From Left to right beginning at the front row: Krista Malone, Joseph Smith, Dawn Doyal, Letetia Byrd, Kelly Palzer Tiffany Creech, Janet Frailey, Rozanne Garman, Tina Kastning, Cynthia Brantley, Fotu Leiato, Darrin Garman, Gary Boster, Paul Wolford, Bill Roberts, Donny McMahon, Cynthia Louden, Jerry Gibbs, Tom Garman, Zach Arnold

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