RHD’s First Employee is First to Retire

He’s always stood out in a crowd, with his ever-ready grin and snowy white, excuse me, I mean golden, hair and beard.  He is as well known for his jokes and mischief, as he is for his flawless job execution and commitment to excellence.  He’s cultivated client and subcontractors over his career and the past 8 years, making them a priority, knowing it is these relationships that lead to project success.

Dave served in the Navy from 1966-1970 as a Submarine Service Radioman Viet Nam and from 1980-1996 as a Submarine Service Radioman for SSBN-Fast Boats and Missile Submarines around the world.  Dave served on the USS Seadragon, USS Daniel Webster, USS Scamp and USS Georgia.  We honor, acknowledge and thank you Dave for his service.

During his time with RHD, Dave supervised wide variety of projects.  He was our laboratory specialist after managing our first two projects in the 8(a) program with the EPA. He was our only employee.  The first project was an upgrade and renovation of four Constant Temperature Rooms, the second a $4 million modernization of the Biology Wing laboratory.  The Biology Wing project included coordination with Homeland Security as well, since they provided the funding for the secure analysis areas of the wing.

The next laboratory project Dave found himself managing was RHD’s first competitive award for the GSA. The $2.7 million dollar design-build laboratory for the FDA in Bothell required Dave take on a full-time, onsite partner, Krista Malone.  The project was an outstanding success that resulted in the contracting officer nominating this project for an award.

Dave and Krista became RHD’s A-team.  After commuting back and forth to Bothell for a year, (that alone deserves an award!) Dave supervised the first of three $4 million dollar IDIQ contracts for the Navy at PSNS.  Dave and Krista managed 27 projects from 2012 to 2018 with most projects overlapping and in different locations.  Their teamwork, superior project execution, outstanding client service and subcontractor relationships led to multiple IDIQ contracts and sole-source projects.

Dave’s care for the success of his projects was only second to his willing to do whatever it takes attitude.  He was a mentor to our up-and-coming superintendents and became like family to all of us.  Dave was RHD’s first employee and our first retiree.

Dave, thank you does not seem adequate for what you’ve given and contributed to RHD, however, please know that you have made a difference.   We would not be where we are today without you.  RHD will not be the same without you.  Enjoy the beer and retirement Dave, you are missed.

With Gratitude,

Rozanne MacDonald Garman

Posted February 12, 2018 | Back to News